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Helping you get in tune with your body, make changes, and feel better!

At Changes - Health Coaching & Counselling, I help and support teens and adults struggling with their mental and physical health and well-being. The focus is on your individual nature and needs, and emphasizes the whole person with a unique approach using a combination of health coaching and counselling. My goal is to help and support you to have a balanced mind in a balanced body!

What can you expect when working with me?

I am thrilled that you are taking the steps to improve how you are feeling. Getting in touch with me today, is the first step to making changes to feel better - both mentally and physically!

Do you feel like your emotions are controlling you? Are you feeling physically unwell and struggling with your health? 

Working with me provides a safe, non-judgmental space where you have the support you need to discuss the issues in your life. 

During the first session, time is taken to go over any questions you may have, to listen to what you are struggling with, and to determine, together, the best route for you. Working together is important, and everyone is different, so time is taken to figure out the right path for you!

At Changes, a unique approach is used in that both health coaching and counselling are an option for you. Many people enjoy this option as it provides a dual role in helping you heal your entire body - both mentally and physically while receiving constant support, encouragement, and guidance. 

Please feel free to reach out to me by calling or by using the form below to send me an email. The way you feel matters and helping you make changes to feel your best is important to me. 

My Story

Joy Gawor, LCT-C, CCC, RHC

I'm Joy. That is me having fun on my slackline; attempting to walk it without the aid of the guideline!


I learned the hard way that repair is much more difficult than prevention! Today, I focus my energy on paying attention to my body and making necessary changes to my lifestyle in order to prevent problems - I have made the choice to continuously manage my health. For many years, especially in my twenties, I was sick and miserable, both mentally and physically. From the time I can remember, I had signs and symptoms of inflammation. I believed that all of those signs and symptoms were a normal part of being human and so, I carried on feeling miserable. I had  digestive issues, headaches, muscle pain, night seizures, brain fog, chemical sensitivities, painful menstrual cycles, anxiety, ear infections, mood swings, allergies, and that wasn’t all! I went from doctor to doctor, repeatedly being told that all of my tests were coming back normal! Luckily, I found and received the support I needed from a professional who taught me how to take my health into my own hands. "Your health your choice", he said to me, and that stuck with me! I finally realized that I had a choice in how I was feeling! I wasn't a victim to my body; I was sick by my own doing! I started respecting my body and making changes to my lifestyle. I also started going to counselling to get support during a time where so much change was occurring. 

 To my surprise, in a short time, I began to feel well, actually better than I had ever felt!
My past health problems fuelled my passion to help others to take control of their health and to make the necessary changes to feel better. My mission is to help you to heal your body and mind!

I made further changes to my lifestyle and I packed up and moved to Nunavut where I lived for 12 years. While teaching in Nunavut, I decided to take an education leave and get my Masters of Education in Counselling. During my time in Nunavut, I also became a Primal Health Coach. 
I realized, from my own journey, in order for people to make necessary changes to feel better, that it is crucial for them to have both a knowledgeable and supportive person by their side. Nobody should ever have to go through any type of change alone! That is why I provide a unique service and I offer both Health Coaching and Counselling to my clients – I can help you make the changes you need to feel better, support you through the process, and help move you in the direction of a balanced mind in a balanced body!

Remember that whatever you are not changing, you are choosing so make the decision to manage your health - one day at a time, one choice at a time. 

 Get in touch with me today to discover the changes you can make to start feeling better!


It's time to feel your best!

Get in touch. I would love to chat. Let's see how I can help you feel better.

Fill out the form below or call me at (506) 206-8080

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